Modern Finance
June 8, 2021

Alchemix - DeFi Loans That Repay Themselves with Scoopy Trooples

Alchemix co-founder Scoopy Trooples joins Kevin to discuss how Alchemix provides highly flexible instant loans that repay themselves over time without liquidation risk using decentralized smart contracts on the Ethereum network.




  • What is Alchemix? (And full disclosure.) [00:36]
  • As a builder and entrepreneur, how did Alchemix co-founder Scoopy Trooples get involved in the world of crypto? [01:51]
  • What led to the formation of Alchemix -- what did it look like at the very beginning, and what problems was it trying to solve? [04:51]
  • How does Alchemix work today, and how does it earn interest for users? [07:59]
  • More explanation of Alchemix's transmuter, and how long it generally takes to repay loans by using it. [12:02]
  • An example of how Alchemix can be the most capital-efficient way to buy physical goods. [13:15]
  • Creative use cases of Alchemix. [15:08]
  • Can Alchemix be used to crowdfund causes and charities? [16:33]
  • A reminder: DeFi is never risk-free. But here are some of the precautions Alchemix is taking to minimize that risk. [17:18]
  • From a user's-eye view, what happens if Alchemix yields fall to little or nothing? [19:20]
  • Why might someone choose to repay in alUSD or DAI rather than collateral? [21:57]
  • How does a token get re-pegged? [22:25]
  • What's the best path from DAI to USDC? [24:30]
  • How does farming/staking work in Alchemix? [26:06]
  • What's planned for the future of the ALCX DAO token? [27:10]
  • How would a DAO item shop work, and what perks might it yield? [28:00]
  • Is it possible to whale-proof against the heavier influence of bigger players while rewarding the little guys for participating in the system? [30:44]
  • What models are being considered for ALCX's access to future cash flows? [34:26]
  • A lot of this is admittedly confusing to the layman. How easily does Scoopy's brain process the layers of complexity involved in making Alchemix work? [36:18]
  • What changes are anticipated for Alchemix v2? [36:58]
  • When is Alchemix v2 expected to launch? [39:31]
  • Some Alchemix changes to look out for before v2 launches. [40:37]
  • How many people are on the Alchemix team? [42:11]
  • Does Alchemix have any plans for enticing would-be investors for whom current gas fees are too high? [42:51]
  • What other projects in the crypto space does Scoopy find interesting? [45:10]
  • Does Scoopy have any favorite layer 1 projects? [48:17]
  • Why Kevin is paying close attention to how Alchemix develops. [49:51]
  • Where people can find Scoopy online and learn more about Alchemix. [51:16]
  • Parting thoughts. [51:47]