Modern Finance
March 31, 2021

All The Hacks: New Crypto Earning Credit Cards, 5x Stock Picks, Hacking Discount Codes & More, with Chris Hutchins

Wealthfront's Chris Hutchins, well-known as a savvy financial hacker and life optimizer, joins Kevin to talk about credit cards that give Bitcoin instead of cashback, how you can earn interest on your existing crypto, stock evaluation tactics and their 5x picks, hacking discount codes, and more.

Chris Hutchins (@hutchins) is the Head of Autonomous Financial Planning at Wealthfront. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of Grove (acquired by Wealthfront), co-founder of Milk (acquired by Google), and a Partner at GV, where he focused on seed and early-stage investments.



    • Chris brings us up to speed on what's been happening at Wealthfront in his 18 months there. His focus: automated savings. Future goals: self-driving money. [01:52]
    • If anyone knows how to get the most out of his credit card points, it's Chris. Between credit cards, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts, how many accounts does this Pointsmaster have -- and why? [02:38]
    • Thoughts on new cards that offer Bitcoin instead of cash-back rewards, and why Chris has changed his mind about them over time. [03:39]
    • What Chris considers to be the best way to pack your finances. [05:18]
    • How do Square's Cash App "boosts" work? [06:43]
    • How Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey continues to pleasantly surprise us with his forward-thinking entrepreneurial prowess. [08:38]
    • Remember how hard it used to be to accept credit cards as a business? We do. [10:13]
    • Why does Chris have such good credit? [10:57]
    • How does someone get on the waitlists for BlockFi and Gemini cards? [11:54]
    • What goes into building a diverse crypto portfolio. [12:32]
    • Gemini offers interest on crypto. [16:41]
    • Chris shares his tragic CryptoPunks story. [19:35]
    • My mission with this podcast. [21:11]
    • How you can keep your finger on the pulse of DeFi. [21:43]
    • Why I consider Yearn to be an insanely well-run project. [23:19]
    • How Chris is earning interest on his crypto right now, and why the current low-regulation climate makes it lucrative -- but not without its risks. [24:37]
    • My own interest-earning strategies tend to be lower risk. A little primer on stable coins, how staking works, and why I trust Coinbase. [26:24]
    • Why Chris wound up converting a lot of his random altcoins to USDC. [30:37]
    • You can learn the basics of trading crypto without betting the farm. Sometimes it even pays back with interest (just don't depend on it). [31:17]
    • What Chris considers to be the best way to optimize your dollars now. [33:38]
    • Are DeFi "gas fees" the new payday loan? [33:56]
    • Hot deals Chris is seeing right now (including how he snagged an Oculus Quest 2 for $150). [36:35]
    • Cashback Monitor: better than Rakuten? [42:33]
    • Dude, I got a Dell! (Well, Alienware.) [43:19]
    • What is ShopRunner? [43:41]
    • Where does Chris find his coupons? [44:38]
    • Four stocks we each like. [48:04]
    • Even though he didn't use the top-notch name I suggested, I'm excited that Chris is starting his own podcast: All the Hacks! What's it going to cover? [59:10]
    • Parting thoughts. [1:03:54]
    • The first episode of this podcast was auctioned as an NFT! [1:05:00]
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