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May 11, 2021

New Coin: Mina - The World's Lightest Blockchain, with Founder Evan Shapiro

O(1) Labs' Evan Shapiro joins Kevin to discuss Mina, the world's lightest blockchain.

O(1) Labs' Evan Shapiro joins Kevin to discuss Mina, the world's lightest blockchain -- at 22 kilobits, "the size of a couple of tweets." Here, he explains how this works, what drove its creation, what this protocol looks like from a security perspective, and its real-world applications already being put to the test today.


Evan Shapiro (@evanashapiro) is the CEO and co-founder of software development company O(1) Labs, and board member at Mina Foundation, the world's lightest blockchain.



  • How did Evan get started in the world of crypto? [02:30]
  • What role did Evan and his O(1) Labs co-founder Izaak see themselves filling in the crypto space, and how did they begin? [03:42]
  • What is zero-knowledge proof, what does it achieve, and how does it differ from other protocols? [05:34]
  • How does a zero-knowledge protocol retain pertinent data without bloating a blockchain? [09:08]
  • What does Mina's 22-kilobit blockchain entail? Where is the full ledger history actually stored? [11:39]
  • What constitutes a validator? [12:36]
  • From the security side of things, how might someone try to take over the network? [13:04]
  • How computationally intensive is it to create a new SNARK (succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) at Mina's current level, and what happens if it scales to Ethereum-sized popularity? [14:33]
  • What are Snapps (SNARK-powered applications), and are their transactions private by default? [15:51]
  • What use case does Evan see Mina fulfilling over the next year? [16:55]
  • How is Mina being used by Teller Finance to verify credit scores for loan applications? [17:40]
  • What are the short-term and long-term advantages of a 22-kilobit blockchain? [20:25]
  • How do Mina's capabilities currently compare with an ecosystem like Solana, and does Evan see this changing over time? [21:58]
  • How has a month of live mainnet been going so far? [23:06]
  • Is Mina being traded yet? How can people begin earning tokens? [23:44]
  • What other projects in the crypto space have earned Evan's respect? [25:23]
  • Is Evan a fan of using DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) for governance? How would he structure it into Mina? [25:56]
  • Parting thoughts. [30:15]


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