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Super excited about this podcast

I think the first utterance I heard about Bitcoin came from Kevin Rose when I was a Diggnation listener.

I’ve been a long time fan but as I’ve been spending all of my time learning about traditional finance as I strive for retirement, I’ve felt a little bit out of the loop when I see friends and coworkers exceeding my capabilities to keep up with our changing world.

There’s only two episodes of this podcast but the conversational nature has been a great reintroduction to a world I’ve admittedly ignored for too long. I’m hoping to cover some blind spots in traditional finance as well.

Kevin Rose is a magnet for interesting guests, as proven by his track record (The Foundation series of interviews was my favorite), and he’s someone who fully immerses himself in what he’s interested in and is able to engage people on a level only a true peer could.

Outside of the content the quality of the podcast itself is consistent with someone who knows what they’re doing. Well trimmed, good sound management, and I’ve enjoyed it in my car as well as out running with my headphones on.

Really looking forward to future episodes, great idea Kevin!

March 19, 2021 by digitalmoteur on Apple Podcasts

Modern Finance